"Traffic of Creations"

"Traffic of Creations"

"Traffic of Creations"

A weekly poem, read by the author.
July 23 2002 4:06 PM

Traffic of Creations

                                               Riddles about the flesh.

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I. Frozen Margarita

Meeting monthly at Pizza Hut
the CryoGenic Support Group
talks the new technology, how

someday a sleepless
gearhead Dr. F
will cure their deaths,

regenerating the whole,
now diseaseless body or
(for the economically

minded) just
the blanched, nitrogenized
head, severed and preserved—

Tonight it's the poor
who live best, their
dispensable torsos

fatted like Balzac:
head-only Harry
orders pepperoni,

double cheese,
and stout;
but for full-body

Bertha the flesh is a temple,
rigid debutante waiting for
its white-suited date: