"The Demise of Camembert"

"The Demise of Camembert"

"The Demise of Camembert"

A weekly poem, read by the author.
Sept. 13 2005 6:40 AM

"The Demise of Camembert"

Click here to listen to Ron Slate read this poem. I remember my mother squeezing the Camembert. She bought it five days

before unwrapping it, unwrapped it
two hours before she served it.

But what the French sociologist calls
la déstructurisation of family meals

means there's no more patience
for ripening on the cold shelf.

This message comes to us
on a tray with quick-serve cheddar puffs

passed across the cocktail party,
across news networks via satellite.

Also it lands thudding with the flat bread,
bean salad, raisins, fruit bar,

seedless jam and plastic cutlery
in the humanitarian airdrop.

Pah! A man rejects the bland cheese couplets.
And the pre-moistened serviette.

In this world he fears annihilation.
This world has made him a nihilist.