The Stylish Sphynx

Remembering Prince, the miniature master of working a look.

March 15 2016 3:17 PMNancy Turned Her BackRemembering the Reagans’ true record on AIDS—and those who were lost because of it.
Feb. 15 2016 10:09 PMOne NoteAt the Grammys, the stars traded bold looks for corporate blandness.
Jan. 11 2016 11:22 AMDavid Bowie Taught Me How to Tart UpAnd it saved me from losing my mind.
Dec. 7 2015 4:08 PMThe Great Trans-Atlantic Scone OffCan ABC’s The Great Holiday Baking Show rise above the beloved British original?
Oct. 29 2015 11:14 AMSupreme SeamsMahogany turns 40 this month, and she’s looking better than ever.
Sept. 20 2015 9:58 PMThe Emmys: Game of GownsAward show red carpets are for more than dreary dresses.
June 8 2015 8:30 AMNotes from a Sickly SojournAdvice on traveling with—and surviving!—biohazardous loved ones this summer. 
April 16 2015 10:04 AMPrimary ColorsRunway looks for the campaign trail.
March 26 2015 1:08 PMCharm OffensiveA cheap and cheerful guide to domestic charm.
March 24 2015 7:00 AMCharm OffensiveAdvance your personal style from abject to alluring.
March 22 2015 10:54 PMCharm OffensiveReviving interpersonal elegance in a Snapchatty age.
Dec. 10 2014 1:45 PMEnough With the Red and GreenAdopt a new color scheme for this year’s holiday gifts and décor: black-and-white stripes!
Oct. 24 2014 3:23 PMNotes on FringeHippie fashion is back for men. Is that a good thing?
Sept. 9 2014 1:00 PMThe Art of Dressing Like a LunaticIt’s what’s in for fall.
Aug. 24 2014 11:22 PMAre You Man Enough for the Cockatiel?Four things to know before adopting the wildly popular hairstyle.
Feb. 28 2016 10:35 PMSpotlightOscars red carpet fashion is a terrible responsibility. Who lived up to the challenge?
Feb. 1 2016 8:29 AMValley of the Dolls at 50The pill-popping, fame-whoring, beauty-chasing book is more apropos than ever.
Dec. 15 2015 10:37 AMThe Joy of Hate-GiftingOn the art of showing how little you care this holiday season.
Nov. 17 2015 10:30 AMTourniquet Trousers and Straining ArmholesCan men’s clothing possibly get any tighter?
Oct. 7 2015 5:05 AMHair Today, President TomorrowA well-coiffed guide to trimming and zsooshing one’s way to the Oval Office.
June 25 2015 9:31 AMFree WillieOutlining the rise of the fashionable phallus.
May 14 2015 1:41 PMStyle in NumbersLearning to harmonize with a cappella fashion.
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Feb. 22 2015 11:50 PMThe Oscars: A Night of Shilling and ShoppingLady Gaga’s gloves deliver a message of hope.
Nov. 24 2014 3:43 PMShocked? Shocked!How to cause a scandal in a transgressive age.
Sept. 18 2014 2:00 PMOn the Death of My Homophobic DogI named him Liberace, but I couldn’t have chosen a less appropriate namesake for this coarse, emotionally withholding Norwich terrier.
Sept. 4 2014 3:22 PMJoan Rivers, National TreasureThe viper-tongued vixed taught us to be bitchy to celebrities but nice to people.
July 10 2014 11:24 PMConfessions of a Selfie AddictStop sneering. The selfie is a glorious art form.