Top posts from our readers' forum.

Top posts from our readers' forum.

Top posts from our readers' forum.

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Nov. 28 2001 11:23 AM

The Fray Awards

As we ate our Thanksgiving dinner, the Fray team realized that we are truly grateful for the joy the Fray brings into our humdrum lives. So we're giving out some Fray Awards: recognition of a few fine moments from the past two years. (We've put links where possible, but some of the posts are gone forever.) Immensely valuable prizes are awarded in the following categories:

Best Post Title: "A Wiccan Says Yes to Faith-Based Funding"—Aragorn Icewolf. (A winning title/Frayname combo and one that led to further discussions in thisand subsequent "Best of the Fray" sections.)

Most replies to a Fray post: Devil's Advocate saidthat "the [Timothy] McVeigh case represents the worst possible argument against the death penalty … [but] killing McVeigh is wrong" and triggered more than 1,000 replies.

Runners-up: Joey Girard's " Jesus had it coming" (great calming title, Joey!), with more than 900 replies; Ferdinanda's controversial ideason the 9/11 attacks and revenge (more than 600 replies); and Texwiz's touching ode to marriage(nearly 300).

Best Insult:Remember when our big worry was shark attacks? Sheriff Brodyhad this to say: "Get over it, you … vacationing cry-babies. Sharks can't swim into your suburbs and put the bite on your fat TV-watching ass, so if you don't like them, don't go into the water and wiggle it at them. Dummies."

Runner-up: From Jeff, after another poster, T, tried to correct him on the subject of video games: "Here comes Web Policeman T, absorbing laser fire and bouncing through the walls. Get a life, dweeb." (One of our favorite sets of Fray Notes, by the way, do read them here.)

Best rhyme in a Fray post: JTcouldn't get into his regular Fray home (tech troubles) and had to post on the Poems Fray, where he blended magnificently:

I'm a guy who's quite spontaneous

But I miss my friends in Miscellaneous.

Runner-up: Bluto's rhyming of "vigilant" and "diligent" in his "Ode to the Fray Editor."

Best comment on the Fray editor:Easy winner should be Arthur Stock's comment in the " Breakfast Table" (scroll to the end of Arthur's last Thursday entry and click on the words "Moira Redmond"), but that wasn't, of course, a Fray post. There are some good ones mentioned in our Fray " Diary," but we'll go for something different: Hugh's "She is the Jane Fonda of the Fray." He's a Vietnam vet, so we don't think it's a compliment.