Best posts from our readers' forum.

Best posts from our readers' forum.

Best posts from our readers' forum.

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Jan. 23 2002 2:44 PM

Tolerance, Yes; Respect, No

"War Stories" on why NORAD didn't intercept the 9/11 airliners produced howls of rage in "The Fray" and a fiery response from an unrepentant Scott Shuger. The other big topic was Enron at "Ballot Box," at "Chatterbox," at "Moneybox," and at "Assessment."


Subject: Second-Guessing Terrorists

Re: "War Stories: IGNORAD"

From: Dave

Date: Fri Jan 18 12:18 p.m. PT

It is interesting to wonder what would have happened if a pair of U.S. fighters had intercepted the airliners. But based on the shock of 9/11, it's obvious that essentially no one considered that suicide airliners was a likely scenario. So, if those planes had been deterred somehow (by aerial collision, shoot-down, whatever), and an airliner had never actually crashed into a skyscraper intentionally, can you imagine the second-guessing that would take place in the aftermath?

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Subject: Blame the Accountants

Re: "Ballot Box: Enron as Whitewater"

From: Paul Decker

Date: Tue Jan 15 3:24 p.m. PT

There are lots of potential Enrons out there. … The problem is not that the public accountancy system isn't working. The problem is that the system, as it is currently designed, can never work, because the personal incentives of the individuals in the system force them to suboptimize the goals of their employers. Until some politician is willing to stand up and take the lead in reforming this system, bypassing attempts at short-term political gain in the process, these crises will keep happening.

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Subject: Important Distinction

Re: "Frame Game: Wok the Dog"

From: Ashwan Karamchandani

Date: Thu Jan 17 11:54 a.m. PT

Don't let anyone ever tell you that you must respect other cultures. Yes, you should tolerate them, but you are not obligated to respect them. Let 'em do what they want and just make fun of them. Some Americans eat mountain oysters and turkey fries. (Pig and chicken testicles, respectively.) It isn't necessarily wrong, but feel free to make fun of them.

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