Top 10 Super Tuesday Palindromes

Top 10 Super Tuesday Palindromes

Top 10 Super Tuesday Palindromes

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March 8 2000 1:07 PM

Top 10 Super Tuesday Palindromes

Chatterbox's call for readers to submit Super Tuesday palindromes yielded a gratifyingly large response. True, a few readers failed to grasp that the palindromes had to relate to thepresidential primaries. (Memo to Dennis Dugan, re the submission you culled from the boys' bathroom wall at the University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada: "Satan oscillate my metallic sonatas" is very intriguing, but Satan isn't running for president this year.) However, most readers embraced the Super Tuesday theme with gusto and imagination. Chatterbox salutes them.


Oh, and you can stop sending me palindromes now.

Honorable mention:

Star comedy by Democrats! (Reid O. Mullins, self-described "lighthearted Republican" from Oklahoma City, Okla.)

No Bush, eh? Sub on! (Randy Kennedy)

No McCain a.m., you? Oy! Maniac, c'mon! (Kirk Rense)

Ergo, I to Nero Gore: "Not I, ogre!" (Matt Gatchell)

Non, Al! Liberal, fab Bubba! Flare Bill!--Anon. (Cheryl Mary Corcoran)

God on W: As I saw, no dog. (Cheryl Mary Corcoran)

Man lived on--no devil; Nam. (Cheryl Mary Corcoran; this is obviously about McCain)

God's eye: Keyes' dog. (Patrick Nolan, Matthews Media Group, Inc., Rockville, Md.)

A hero? Glam? Al Gore--Ha! (A. Henderson, who credits her friend Elizabeth Allin of Takoma Park, Md.)

Nam, emu lover. O, glad! Al Gore: volume, man! (Heather Nagami)

Nail a timid Al Gore; has a hero; glad I'm Italian. (Tom Blumer)

R. Perot party trap tore P.R. (Wayne Dunn)

R's 4 Bush oh sub 4 Sr! (William Sentell, Macalester College)

Rap Bush's art: trash, subpar. (Matt Franklin)

Live Dem debate? Get a bed, me devil! (Matt Franklin)

Nam, eh? Texas boobs axe the man. (Matt Franklin)

... and now the Top Ten:

10th Best Super Tuesday Palindrome:

No, I nip ol' aroma's day. Ne'er felt Bush subtle-free. NY ads a moral opinion. (R. Himmel)

9th Best Super Tuesday Palindrome:

O.K. Tim, Bush saw Wash. submit K.O. (David Collins)

8th Best Super Tuesday Palindrome: