Indecision 2000: Palindrome Contest Winners!
Indecision 2000: Palindrome Contest Winners!
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Nov. 30 2000 7:11 PM

Indecision 2000: Palindrome Contest Winners!

Chatterbox challenged readers to submit palindromes about the post-election mayhem. He received many superb entries--even without the participation of Benjamin Zimmer, who placed first, third, and fourth in Chatterbox's earlier Super Tuesday palindrome contest. Here are the winners:


Tenth-best Indecision 2000 Palindrome:

Dubya won? No way, bud! (submitted, independently, by Stephen Roche, George Kopp, and Johnny Fitchen)

Ninth-best Indecision 2000 Palindrome:

Wonk! I won! Now I know! (Tom Tegtmeyer)

Note: This is a condensed version of a longer palindrome penned four years ago by Tegtmeyer and Paul Loomis. Click here and scroll to Item 69 to read the original.

Eighth-best Indecision 2000 Palindrome:

Say, bud: Is revote bet over? Si, Dubya's. (Scott Douglas)

Seventh-best Indecision 2000 Palindrome:

Evil Halliburton yen, eh? Cheney no trub. "I'll, ah ..., live." (Frederick H. Alexander)

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