Whopper of the Week: Sumner Redstone

Whopper of the Week: Sumner Redstone

Whopper of the Week: Sumner Redstone

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July 6 2001 12:14 PM

Whopper of the Week: Sumner Redstone

"Sometime after the Supreme Court decision I found myself inLas Vegasrepresenting a group that was building the Dunes Hotel and met a man who was working at the Flamingo. This was in the mid-1950s [italics Chatterbox's], when theLas VegasStrip was controlled by characters who didn't often show up in corporate boardrooms. 'What do you do for a living?' the man asked me. I said I was a tax lawyer.


"'You know,' he told me, 'something extraordinary happened. My brother was inAlcatrazand he just got out because of some case in the Supreme Court.'

"'What's your brother's name?' I asked. He was one of the three prisoners who had been released because of the ruling in my case. I told the man the story. And the next day I was sitting in the Flamingo Hotel at a meeting presided over by one Benjamin 'Bugsy' Siegel. ... They wanted me to represent them. ... They offered me anything. Everything. All kinds of money--over the table, under the table, any way I wanted it.

"I wasn't tempted. Money wasn't my vice and I saw my life in a very different way. ... About a year later Bugsy Siegel was found in his girlfriend's house inBeverly Hillswith five bullets in his head. ..."

--Viacam chairman Sumner Redstone (with Peter Knobler), A Passion To Win, pp. 65-66.

"Siegel was murdered onJune 19, 1947 [italics Chatterbox's]   in Los Angeles,California, at themansionofVirginia Hill, his mistress."

--Federal Bureau of Investigation Web page linking to various Siegel-related documents, including an FBI memo dated July 23, 1947, that refers  to "BENJAMIN "BUGSY" SIEGEL, deceased."

"In 1947 [italics Chatterbox's], Mr. Redstone received his L.L.B. from theHarvardUniversitySchoolof Law."

-- Redstone's official biography on Viacom's corporate Web site.

"'Don't call me a mogul,' says Sumner Redstone, '47 [italics Chatterbox's]. ..."