I’m Not Voting for Donald Trump

Or for Hillary, for that matter.

May 4 2016 3:13 PMResolved: Ted Cruz Was His Worst Self as a Presidential CandidateIn his surly, failed campaign, Cruz turned into a cartoon version of the blowhard I knew on the college debate circuit.
May 4 2016 12:55 PMDonald Trump Isn’t Going to Be PresidentHe’d have to win unprecedented shares of the very kinds of voters who hate him: blacks, Latinos, and women.
May 3 2016 11:13 PMDonald Trump Is TV’s New Normal. That’s Insane.A huckster and demagogue all but locked up the Republican nomination. On TV, it’s just another election. 
May 3 2016 6:03 PMWhat Twitter Is Saying About the Indiana Primary ResultsThe instant spin room.
May 2 2016 5:53 PMIndiana Is a Trump State That Looks Like a Cruz StateOr is it the other way around?
May 2 2016 3:39 PMThe “Who’s Sure?” StateWhy is Indiana’s primary such a mystery? It has to do with a law passed in 1988.
April 28 2016 5:07 PMTed Cruz’s VP Pick Doesn’t Make Any Sense, Unless …Carly Fiorina is Trump bait.
April 28 2016 2:05 PMThe Democratic Primary Ruined My Friendship!Why Bernie-Hillary has gotten so personal.
April 28 2016 5:30 AMThe Quiet AmericanPaul Manafort made a career out of stealthily reinventing the world’s nastiest tyrants as noble defenders of freedom. Getting Donald Trump elected will be a cinch.
April 27 2016 4:59 PMTrump’s “Major Foreign Policy Address” Was a Pseudo-Event Staged to Sucker the MediaDid it work?
April 27 2016 12:11 AMDonald Trump Shatters His CeilingHis huge night blows up yet another narrative about his campaign.
April 26 2016 6:53 PMWhat Twitter Pundits Are Saying About Today’s Primary ResultsCheck out the instant spin room.
April 26 2016 9:09 AMPolls Say Bernie Is More Electable Than Hillary. Don’t Believe Them.What they really show is a candidate who hasn’t been attacked.
April 25 2016 5:04 PMWhy the Cruz–Kasich Alliance Won’t Change a ThingTrump has the one thing his GOP foes lack: democratic legitimacy.
April 22 2016 7:00 PMDonald Trump Can’t ChangeHis “act” during the primary has been the purest expression of himself.
May 4 2016 2:08 PMWhy I’m Still a RepublicanI hate Donald Trump, but I’m not leaving the GOP.
May 4 2016 10:56 AMTrail MixOn the road with Bernie, Trump, and Jeb! (Remember him?)
May 3 2016 9:52 PM“Never Trump” Was Never Going to Happen Republicans were always going to fall in line.
May 3 2016 10:11 AMHow Trump’s “Unpredictability” Dodge Became the Dumbest Doctrine in PoliticsHe couldn’t answer a question. He wound up with a political philosophy.
May 2 2016 4:17 PMThis Is What a Republican Attack on Bernie Sanders Would Look LikeSanders’ “superior electability” is still a myth.
May 2 2016 8:04 AMJon Huntsman on a Simple Way the Next President Can Reestablish Americans’ Trust in Government (Video)
April 28 2016 3:45 PMCan America’s Largest Protestant Denomination Stop Trump?The Southern Baptist Convention takes on the GOP front-runner—and itself.
April 28 2016 1:32 PMThis Election’s Speeches Have Been AwfulWe talked to a bunch of political speechwriters to find out why.
April 27 2016 5:43 PMWhat the Maryland Democratic Senate Race Was Really AboutA progressive Democrat lost to an establishment darling, but it had nothing to do with ideology.
April 27 2016 1:11 PMDonald Trump Will Be the Republican Nominee for President. Don’t Ever Get Used to It.This is unprecedented and terrifying.
April 26 2016 9:40 PMFight on, BernieNow’s the time to build a real political movement.
April 26 2016 11:09 AMJohn Kasich Could’ve Been the GOP’s SalvationInstead, he helped Donald Trump.
April 26 2016 5:45 AMWhat’s at Stake in Tuesday’s PrimariesThe most important races, subplots, and delegates to keep an eye on.
April 25 2016 8:03 AMA Comedian’s Advice for the Next President: Call Howard Stern
April 22 2016 5:19 PMIs Liberalism Really “Smug”?Vox says smugness has reshaped the Democratic Party. How droll.