Are we going to war? Slate updates the odds.
Are we going to war? Slate updates the odds.
The odds of war in Iraq.
Feb. 17 2003 3:37 PM

Cold Turkey

The odds of war.


Chance of Invasion
Today: 92 percent

Huge demonstrations in London, Rome, and elsewhere cause media to question steadiness of U.S. allies. Turkey gets cold feet over accepting troops. Peace spin: If U.N. balks, Turkey won't help. War spin: If U.N. balks, Turkey wants a bigger bribe. U.S. wins NATO aid to Turkey without requirement that Security Council must approve war. France fails to add EU to its anti-war coalition. U.S. plans new resolution listing steps Iraq must take before March 1 council meeting, including destruction of missiles with excess range. Annan warns Iraq not to make council feel "we're just wasting our time and we should call a halt to the inspections."


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