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Trump Revises Total Syria Withdrawal Plan, Will Keep 200 U.S. Peacekeeping Forces

Feb. 21 2019 5:41 PMAlexander Acosta, Now a Trump Official, Broke Federal Law in Brokering Jeffrey Epstein’s 2008 Plea Deal
Feb. 21 2019 5:09 PMPolish Activists Topple Statue of Iconic Priest as Vatican Summit on Sex Abuse Begins
Feb. 21 2019 1:40 PMJussie Smollett Allegedly Staged His Attack Because He Was Upset About His Salary
Feb. 20 2019 5:53 PMTrump Administration Claims Alabama ISIS Wife Is Not a U.S. Citizen
Feb. 20 2019 1:27 PMWhy Stripping a British ISIS Teen of Her Citizenship Is a Bad Idea
Feb. 20 2019 12:37 PMWe’re in for a Year-Plus of “Pragmatic” Democrats Overdoing Blue-Collar Signifiers and Making Fun of Hippies, Aren’t We
Feb. 19 2019 11:11 PMWhat Is the NYT Implying When It Suggests Donald Trump Lied About Michael Flynn’s Resignation?
Feb. 19 2019 2:40 PMReport: Pope Francis Ignored Rampant Sexual Abuse at Schools for Deaf Children
Feb. 19 2019 10:00 AMRoger Stone’s Lawyers File Bizarre “Notice of Apology” About His Instagram Post
Feb. 18 2019 6:02 PMSailor Pictured Kissing Nurse in Iconic World War II Photo Dies at 95
Feb. 18 2019 10:42 AMAlec Baldwin Wonders if Trump’s SNL Tweet Is “a Threat to My Safety”
Feb. 17 2019 5:24 PMMike Pence Expected Applause When He Mentioned Trump in Munich. He Got Silence.
Feb. 17 2019 3:43 PMAnthony Weiner Released From Federal Prison
Feb. 17 2019 1:17 PMWatch Miller Struggle as Fox’s Wallace Demands Example on Precedent for Emergency Declaration
Feb. 17 2019 10:40 AMChicago Police Investigating Whether Empire Actor Jussie Smollett Staged Own Attack
Feb. 21 2019 5:18 PMNorth Carolina Orders New Election in Disputed U.S. House Race
Feb. 21 2019 2:39 PMIt’s Plausible Mueller Will Drop the Biggest Bombshell Ever. It’s Also Plausible He’ll Do Nothing.
Feb. 20 2019 7:42 PMWhite Supremacist Coast Guard Lieutenant Allegedly Plotted Terrorist Attack to “Kill Almost Every Last Person on Earth”
Feb. 20 2019 5:32 PMWatch Tucker Carlson Tell a Dutch Historian to “Go F–k” Himself in Unaired Fox Interview
Feb. 20 2019 1:12 PMTennessee’s Speaker of the House Keeps Criticizing the Women Who Accused His Republican Colleague of Sexual Assault
Feb. 20 2019 12:31 PMBernie’s Whopping 24-Hour Fundraising Haul Is About More Than Just the Money
Feb. 19 2019 9:59 PMCovington Catholic Student in Viral Mall Standoff With Native American Activist Sues Washington Post
Feb. 19 2019 2:09 PMWhat Bernie Can Offer That His Rivals Can’t
Feb. 19 2019 9:41 AMAlabama Newspaper Editor Calls for Return of KKK to “Clean Out D.C.”
Feb. 18 2019 4:07 PMAt Least 13 States Will Join Lawsuit Challenging Trump’s Emergency Declaration
Feb. 18 2019 9:55 AMEx-FBI Chief Says Trump Believed Russia Over U.S. Intelligence: “I Believe Putin”
Feb. 17 2019 4:18 PM11-Year-Old Arrested After Refusing to Stand for Pledge of Allegiance
Feb. 17 2019 2:40 PMJapan Nominated Trump for Nobel Peace Prize Because White House Asked
Feb. 17 2019 11:22 AMTrump Slams SNL After Show Mocks Emergency Declaration: “This is the Real Collusion!”
Feb. 16 2019 5:00 PMPolice: Houston Officer Lied to Get Search Warrant for Raid that Led to Two Deaths