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The Slatest

Former EPA Head Scott Pruitt Made Only One Five-Minute Call on the $43,000 Phone He Had Installed in His Office

Aug. 20 2018 10:04 PMConfederate Monument Silent Sam Pulled Down by Protesters in Chapel Hill
Aug. 20 2018 4:59 PMKelli Ward Is Trying to Troll Her Way to Victory in Arizona’s GOP Senate Primary
Aug. 20 2018 2:59 PMMelania Trump Warns Social Media Can Be “Destructive and Harmful” as Husband Calls People “Thugs,” a “Total Joke”
Aug. 20 2018 11:48 AMPope Apologizes for Church Sex Abuse, Admits “We Abandoned” the Children
Aug. 19 2018 4:54 PMFormer Houston Doctor Who Raped Sedated Patient Will Not Serve Prison Time
Aug. 19 2018 1:59 PMBrennan Considers Legal Action Against Trump After Security Clearance Was Revoked
Aug. 19 2018 10:14 AMTrump Rages Against Mueller on Twitter: He Makes McCarthy “Look Like a Baby”
Aug. 18 2018 6:02 PMTrump Blasts Social Media Platforms for “Totally Discriminating” Against Conservatives
Aug. 18 2018 12:35 PMICE Officers Arrest Man Who Was Driving Pregnant Wife to Hospital for C-Section
Aug. 18 2018 10:11 AMFormer U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan Dies at 80
Aug. 17 2018 4:56 PMShould I Eat This 3,200-Year-Old Egyptian Tomb Cheese That’s Possibly Infected with a Deadly Disease?
Aug. 17 2018 1:30 PMTrump: I’m Probably Going to Pull Security Clearance From DOJ Attorney Bruce Ohr
Aug. 16 2018 8:56 PMACLU Protests Plan to Close Three-Quarters of Polling Locations in Predominantly Black County in Rural Georgia
Aug. 16 2018 5:15 PMTrump Says He Alone Can Keep the GOP in Power. He Alone Believes That.
Aug. 16 2018 1:18 PMISIS’s Demise Has Been Greatly Exaggerated
Aug. 20 2018 9:28 PMNew York AG Subpoenas Videos of Chef Mario Batali with Female Employees in VIP Party Room at Spotted Pig Restaurant
Aug. 20 2018 4:41 PMTrump Brags That Latino American Border Guard “Speaks Perfect English,” Gets Name of Border Agency Wrong
Aug. 20 2018 2:42 PMWhite House Speechwriter Appeared on Panel With Author Who Compared Black South Africans to Cannibals
Aug. 20 2018 9:13 AMReport: Michael Cohen Under Investigation for Bank Fraud Over $20 Million in Loans
Aug. 19 2018 3:07 PMTrump to Relax Rules for Coal-Fired Plants, Likely Leading to Surge in CO2 Emissions
Aug. 19 2018 11:02 AM“Truth Isn’t Truth!”: Rudy Giuliani Puts Trump’s Problem With Facts Into Words
Aug. 18 2018 6:59 PMWhite House Lawyer Cooperating With Mueller, Fears He May Be Used as Scapegoat
Aug. 18 2018 2:15 PMMueller Seeks Six-Month Sentence for Papadopoulos, Says He Lied and Hurt Russia Probe
Aug. 18 2018 11:23 AMBrennan Says Trump is “Drunk on Power,” Trump Calls Him a “Loudmouth, Partisan, Political Hack”
Aug. 17 2018 5:01 PMA Little-Known GOP Congressman Tells Voters He “Stood Up” to Trump. What Could Go Wrong?
Aug. 17 2018 4:31 PMAtal Bihari Vajpayee: the Prime Minister Who Helped Bring Hindu Nationalism Into the Mainstream
Aug. 16 2018 10:16 PMPentagon Postpones Trump Military Parade Until “2019” as Projected Cost Soars Towards $100 Million
Aug. 16 2018 7:51 PMThe Chance of Michael Cohen Facing Criminal Campaign Finance Charges Just Went Up
Aug. 16 2018 1:29 PMTrump Is Definitely Not Mad About the More Than 300 Newspaper Editorials Denouncing His Attacks on the Press
Aug. 15 2018 10:37 PMTrump Reportedly Loosens Rules of Engagement on American Cyberattacks, Reversing Obama-Era Restrictions