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Internet-Connected Toys Are Getting Hacked, and It’s As Creepy As We Feared It Would Be

Nov. 30 2015 4:32 PMBill Gates Is Finally Tackling Climate Change. That’s Good News for the Climate.
Nov. 30 2015 1:35 PMMeet The Helpful, Adorable Robots That Make Sure Your Online Purchases Reach Your Doorstep
Nov. 30 2015 12:51 PMIf Hackers Steal Your AmEx Credit Card, They Can Predict Your Next Card Number
Nov. 29 2015 9:03 PMYour Jargon-Busting Guide to the Paris Climate Change Talks
Nov. 25 2015 10:33 AMPalestinians Finally Get Mobile Broadband
Nov. 24 2015 12:52 PMThe OPM Data Breach Is Putting a Damper on My ThanksgivingI have to break the news to friends and family that their information was compromised.
Nov. 23 2015 3:30 PMThe Tyranny of Algorithms
Nov. 23 2015 10:06 AMCan Coding Make the Classroom Better?How “computational thinking” and collaborative problem solving is transforming some classrooms.
Nov. 20 2015 12:38 PMFuture Tense Event: Afrofuturism—Imagining the Future of Black Identity
Nov. 20 2015 10:40 AMWhat Happened at Slate This Week?A nerd-friendly guide to the magazine for the week of Nov. 16.
Nov. 19 2015 4:52 PMNow When You Have a Bad Breakup, Facebook Will Help You Avoid Your Ex
Nov. 19 2015 10:12 AMCan Online Exchange Programs Really Help Kids Learn About the World?They help American students connect with students across the world to build solar-powered lights, take virtual walking journeys, and learn about Syrian genocide.
Nov. 18 2015 5:37 PMGo Turn On This New Amazon Feature That Will Make Your Account Much More Secure
Nov. 18 2015 2:42 PMThese Ridiculously Premature Drone Registration Services Look Like a Huge Waste of Money
Nov. 18 2015 1:24 PMThe Most Intense El Niño Ever Observed Is Already a Worldwide Disaster
Nov. 30 2015 4:15 PMUtopian and Dystopian Visions of AfrofuturismIs this a true moment of change, or are we just seeing more characters of color in sci-fi? 
Nov. 30 2015 1:16 PMWhy Are World Leaders Calling Paris a “First Step” After 21 Years of Climate Negotiations?
Nov. 30 2015 9:05 AMWhy Does Google Say Jerusalem Is the Capital of Israel?It has to do with the fact that the Web is now optimized for machines, not people.
Nov. 25 2015 12:10 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: Giving Thanks for Cybersecurity
Nov. 24 2015 5:26 PMThe FAA’s Drone Registry Shouldn’t Be Exempt From FOIA Requests
Nov. 23 2015 4:06 PMSome Good Advice for the FAA’s Drone Registry Initiative
Nov. 23 2015 1:07 PMNew Sunset-Quality Forecasts Mean You’ll Never Miss Another Stunner
Nov. 20 2015 1:29 PMTesla Is Recalling Every Model S on the Road. Good Move.
Nov. 20 2015 10:54 AMThe Reality of Crime-Fighting AlgorithmsI am a data scientist, and this is why Minority Report will never happen.
Nov. 20 2015 10:36 AMImagining California Without Oil RefineriesNot being gasoline consumers has become part of residents’ identities.
Nov. 19 2015 4:05 PMHere’s What ISIS Is Teaching Its Terrorists About Online Privacy
Nov. 19 2015 10:00 AMHow Japan Is Getting Its Act Together on CybersecurityThe high-tech nation had lagged behind in this important arena—but it’s changing.
Nov. 18 2015 4:39 PMHate Talking to Irritating People? These Graphics Will Remind You Not to Pick Up.
Nov. 18 2015 1:30 PMA Congressman Wants to Censor the Internet to Thwart ISIS’ Digital Strategy. Horrible Plan.
Nov. 18 2015 11:07 AMFuture Tense Newsletter: Digital Prophecies and Present Fears