Glenn Beck Hearts Moleskines
Glenn Beck Hearts Moleskines
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Sept. 1 2009 2:58 PM

Glenn Beck Hearts Moleskines

The site Moleskinerie is dedicated to all things Moleskine, the iconic black notebook of Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Picasso. (These notebooks are also something that white people like .) Typical posts include a sighting of a Moleskine in The Da Vinci Code movie or a hack that involves carving out a Moleskine so that it holds three smaller Moleskines. Recently, the site brought the news that Glenn Beck, the Fox news huffer, was spotted on-air clutching a Moleskine . The reaction from commenter Peggy was classic and swift: 


Glenn Beck is a racist who is encouraging people to harm liberals. The fact that he likes moleskines is shocking to me. They are associated with liberal minded, intellectuals. Not the people he appeals to. This makes me almost want to thow away all my moleskines and never use them again.


Another commenter replied with a great idea for a "line of notebooks that will essentially be the same as Moleskines, but twice the price and [called] Notebooks for Liberals." It's safe to conclude that Glenn Beck's endorsement will not have any liberals tossing their Moleskines in the compost pile. But it does suggest a new tactic for pissing them off. 

Mr. Beck might start brandishing a Sigg bottle, for example, and offer his viewers subscriptions to The New Yorker . Rush Limbaugh is already a big fan of Apple computers . Perhaps he can also drive a Smart Car . (Oh, wait .) Liberals can counterattack by developing a fondness for Ford F-150s and personal firearms. Without any of these obvious cultural signifiers, Americans will be confused about where they stand on the political spectrum. Not even David Brooks will be able to figure it out. In our collective fog, we'll start jotting our thoughts in notebooks in even great numbers, leading to an alarming rise in free verse and writer's cramp. In preparation for this apocalypse, I'm stocking up on Field Notes .

P.S. In honor of Glenn Beck's inner soul, please e-mail me your nominee for the most liberal product in the land (except the New York Times ).

Michael Agger is an editor at The New Yorker. Follow him on Twitter.

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