David Brooks' Deep Thigh
David Brooks' Deep Thigh
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July 14 2009 4:01 AM

David Brooks' Deep Thigh

David Brooks may spend until the end of his days being asked which Republican senator he's referring to in his recent MSNBC confession :

I sat next to a Republican senator once at dinner and he had his hand on my inner thigh the whole time. I was like, ehh, get me out of here....


He'll be asked at every dinner party he attends for the forseeable future. He'll be asked by his dentist, when he's in the chair. He'll be asked by his editors. I urge Brooks to seek the counsel of Bob Woodward, who managed to keep an even more sought-after name secret for decades. But there is a smaller universe of suspects with this one. It might be hopeless.

P.S.:  I know I have my favorite. ... As a  TPM reader notes , it would have to be someone Brooks really didn't want to piss off. ... 1:49 A.M.


A couple of weeks ago I interviewed Bob Wright about his Evolution of God for KCRW , my local NPR supplier. They're running it today--Tuesday--at 2:30 West Coast time. Says here  it's "live stream/on demand/podcast."    Voices were raised . They wanted contentious. ... Update: Less contentious than I remembered! Better to bill it as "thoughtful." That's the ticket. Thoughtful. ... I also think some of the things Bob says toward the end about the tolerant history of Islam might provoke some blowback from the right . ...  1:48 A.M.


Jeffrey Toobin said something that's not true ?  I'm shocked   shocked  ... [ via Olson ] ...  Update: Olson cites more evidence against Toobin's crowd-pleasing oversimplification. ...  1:47 A.M.


What's a few decades between friends?  Bob Lutz, the fresh face of the New GM , spoke on NPR last Friday with Robert Siegel about what Lutz has called GM's "customer perception" problem [E.A.]: 

Update: It's also pathetic that Lutz cites the Motor Trend Car of the Year contest. If you follow cars, you know that this is not a respected award. It has a reputation for ...well, see TTAC's cynical flow chart . Over the years it has been won by some  mediocre cars (1995 Chrysler Cirrus?), some awful cars (1971 Chevy Vega,1983 Renault Alliance), some  loser cars (2002 Ford Thunderbird) and lots of cars Bob Lutz wouldn't be caught dead in (1997 Chevrolet Malibu) including more than ten from what Lutz labels as GM's lost decades. ... [ Thanks to Reader D ] 1:45 A.M.


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