Don't Make Chuck Norris Ask Twice
Don't Make Chuck Norris Ask Twice
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Nov. 13 2007 6:34 PM

Don't Make Chuck Norris Ask Twice

Last week we noted how Rudy Giuliani seems slightly squeamish about making Pat Robertson a major part of his campaign. The evangelical leader’s endorsement was great and all, but it’s too risky to keep him around on the trail. Mike Huckabee, in contrast, has no trouble flaunting his assets. Especially when it comes to his greatest asset of all: Chuck Norris.

When the martial artist / actor / poster boy for irony itself , who now moonlights as a conservative pundit, endorsed Huckabee for president in October, most people probably figured that was the last we would hear from him. The stunt worked once, we figured. Dragging it out would just come off as desperate. (Norris is, after all, the only presidential endorser I first knew as a fully poseable action figure.) But instead, Norris is back. The kung-fu legend sent out a fund-raising e-mail today laying out "facts" about the former Arkansas governor:


Fact: Mike Huckabee is my choice for President of the United States. …
Fact: Mike Huckabee needs our help. …
Fact: Working together on Mike's behalf we can make a great difference. …

Norris assures us that after spending an afternoon with Huckabee, "I can say with complete certainty that Mike is mentally and physically up to the challenge." I’m picturing some sort of brutal obstacle course training regimen in the Himalayas.

That Norris serves as anything but a circus act is impressive. That he’s a viable fund-raising vehicle is stunning. I’m curious to hear what sort of response the e-mail gets. But in a weird way, the pairing makes sense. Huckabee is known for his humor, and Norris has been a remarkably good sport about inspiring an entire genre of jokes. Plus, I imagine there are people out there who would give money to Chuck Norris just to say they gave money to Chuck Norris. Or because they're afraid to say no ...

Christopher Beam is a writer living in Beijing.