What if Glenn Beck's Rally Isn't Very Crazy?
What if Glenn Beck's Rally Isn't Very Crazy?
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Aug. 26 2010 4:46 PM

What if Glenn Beck's Rally Isn't Very Crazy?

I have no doubt that the man's speech, which Daily Kos-ter David Waldman delightfully terms the "I Have a Fever Dream" speech, will be the craziest thing we've heard on the national mall since Louis Farrakhan discovered geometry in 1995. But I think Greg Sargent is barking up the wrong tree here :

Dems are gleefully noting to reporters that Beck intends to rallythe faithful from the Lincoln Memorial -- the very spot where King gavehis speech 47 years ago. And with turnout estimates running as high as 300,000, Dems say they hope they can wrest some political advantagefrom what they hope will amount to a massive show of Tea Party forcethat's rife with ugly Obama-bashing.


Yeah, because bashing the tea party has done them so much good so far. I remember the Democrats begging, begging for Sarah Palin to endorse Scott Brown in the January 2010 U.S. Senate special in Massachusetts, in the apparent hope that she'd pass her crazy cooties on to him. How'd that turn out for Senator Coakley?

Beck isn't stupid, and he's trying to cut down on the easy shots from liberals with a rule: No signs. Witness:

Reporters will come looking for color and slideshow fodder and Beck wants to prevent any photos of 300-pound men in short pants waving "Where's the Birth Certificate" signs. I'm betting this will be more partisan than Beck says it will be, but not as "crazy" looking as 9/12/09. And remember Farrakan -- yes, his speech was crazy, but the event was nowhere near as crazy as people expected it to be.

David Weigel is a reporter for the Washington Post. 

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