Under Your Spell
Under Your Spell
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Oct. 5 2010 8:02 AM

Under Your Spell

Christine O'Donnell, still able to distract the entire political press corps by tossing out a shiny object, lobs her first ad of the campaign.


For a greater analysis of What This Means , read Will Bunch. It's been obvious that O'Donnell's campaign relishes the old tape of her discussing her high school witchcraft date, because it allows her to pretend that every story about her is just as silly. Of course, the reasons why she was battered by the News Journal , some conservative elites, and Democratic TV ads have nothing to do with the witch moment. Those reasons: Her financial management (including putting her mother on the campaign payroll), her lawsuit against her ex-employer, ISI, and her Blumenthalian misstatements on the campaign trail. The O'Donnell strategy, for four weeks, has been to portray all criticism of those issues of elitist critism of Americans who fall on hard times. The extent to which she can do that is really decided by the political press.

No one else seems to be noticing what Chris Coons is putting on the air, so here it is:

Yes, it's the Democratic candidate who has the air to himself attacking unpopular bailouts. Remind me why people think this race is still on the bubble?

David Weigel is a reporter for the Washington Post.