Christine O'Donnell Forms a PAC
Christine O'Donnell Forms a PAC
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Dec. 8 2010 9:27 AM

Christine O'Donnell Forms a PAC

Of course she does . If you were wondering where that leftover $924,800 from her campaign would go, or if you donated to her campaign and expected it to be spent on electing her...

O'Donnell, who lost her Senate bid against Sen. Chris Coons, said she wants to launch the PAC as soon as possible to become more vocal and run ads on issues including repealing health care reform and eliminating the "death tax" ...

Calling it "Christine PAC" for now, she described it as "the new kind" of PAC that will allow her to endorse candidates, do independent expenditures in certain races, lobby on issues and do things "that other activist organizations have the handcuffs on because of the IRS."


O'Donnell made the announcement after pinch-hitting for an absent Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli at a Virginia Tea Party fundraising banquet, for around 200 people. So far, she's getting a bit less momentum from her election loss than some of us expected. She has a book deal, yes, but no cable news deal, which means she's not on TV very much, which means that if she's serious about buying TV time in cheap markets she can do so.

David Weigel is a reporter for the Washington Post.