Palin on Good Morning America
Palin on Good Morning America
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Dec. 14 2010 12:02 PM

Palin on Good Morning America

Christian Heinze (who you should read all the time) with the scoop : Sarah Palin will spend a day with GMA's Robin Roberts, a media gift formerly reserved for Greta Van Susteren. Heinze reads into this:

Recently, Palin's been stepping a little out of her Mark Levin/Sean Hannity box, and the Roberts interview is another sign she's thinking about trying to reach indies that have, so far, rejected her.


Well, I don't think this is recent. Since the launch of Going Rogue, Palin has had a two-pronged media strategy of policy statements via social media and conservative TV/radio, and soft-focus profiles via the "MSM." Palin has been one of Barbara Walters's annual "Most Fascinating People" every year since she was McCain's running mate. She's done Oprah, she has a reality show that you've probably heard of. What's missing in Palin's media strategy is what has been missing since she became a national figure -- interviews or press conferences on policy, with political reporters. Going on Meet the Press might not reach as many people as going on Oprah, but surely some of the reason that Palin has a higher negative rating than Barack Obama or George W. Bush is that "indie" voters have yet to see her exit a comfort zone to talk policy.

David Weigel is a reporter for the Washington Post.