How This Week Became Abortion Week
How This Week Became Abortion Week
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Feb. 9 2011 9:42 AM

How This Week Became Abortion Week

A friendly critic passed on this Fox News article as proof that my assertion on Monday -- that LiveAction's Planned Parenthood sting was not blowing up the way the ACORN tapes did -- was wrong. Not at all. Yesterday, Rep. Trent Franks's subcommittee held a hearing on HR-3, the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, which was the very first chunk of anti-"ObamaCare" legislation introduced after the House passed its full ObamaCare repeal bill.

- That bill was introduced and went nowhere in the last Congress; it was introduced this year on January 20, delayed a week (as was repeal) by the Tucscon shootings.


- The LiveAction stings happened the week before that, from January 11 to January 15.

- The first LiveAction tape went up February 1.

- On February 2, a coalition of pro-life groups launched "Expose Planned Parenthood," to coordinate a campaign for a ban on all abortion funding. Those groups: Live Action, Susan B. AnthonyList, Manhattan Declaration, 40 Days for Life, RedState, LifeNews, Students forLife of America, Concerned Women for America, Catholic Advocate, Catholic Vote,Family Research Council, Americans United for Life Action, American Principlesin Action, New York State Right to Life, New Yorkers for ConstitutionalFreedoms, New Jersey Right to Life, Hispanic Leadership Fund, Cornerstone,Family Foundation, Arizona Right to Life, Iowa Right to Life, Ohio Right toLife, Oregon Right to Life and Indiana Right to Life.

The LiveAction tapes didn't start the campaign. They were part of it. And that's what I keep getting back to -- this isn't causing a sea change like ACORN did.

David Weigel is a reporter for the Washington Post. 

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