NY-26: Jane Corwin in a Moderate Mood
NY-26: Jane Corwin in a Moderate Mood
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May 20 2011 8:14 AM

NY-26: Jane Corwin in a Moderate Mood

CLARENCE, NY -- GOP candidate Jane Corwin wrapped a Republican dinner here and sat for a fairly long interview with me and a reporter for the Washington Times. Some of her answers added a little irony to the endorsements she's gotten from groups like the Tea Party Express and National Right to Life. On abortion, for example, Corwin said she'd vote for any bill that restricted "taxpayer funding for abortion" (a bit of a chimera), but added that she wasn't entirely pro-life.

"It's a woman's decision in the first trimester," she said.


When energy came up, she talked about natural gas fracking but worried that it might be under-regulated. "I'm a supporter of drilling as long as we allow the regulations that make it safe be put in place," she said. Would she look at eliminating the Halliburton loophole, I asked? "We can take a closer look at that. Look at what was happening in Pennsylvania -- they were dehydrating their fracking fluid and using it as road salt!"

On the debt ceiling, Corwin wanted concessions but did not echo the GOP members of Congress who've set a debt default might teach America some lessons.

"We'd be suffering far worse if we let the situation get to what Europe is going through," she said.

David Weigel is a reporter for the Washington Post.